2015 Robot Teaser!

We currently have a drive train built and have been testing it out; moving totes onto the scoring platform! Check it out in the video below or click here. We’re still working on the elevator mechanism and should have it on the robot soon.

I.am.angel Comes to Visit!

20150111_120254We invitied the LA Streetbots to our workshop so we could partner with them and assist them with their drive train. After hosting them for breakfast, our sub-team captains welcomed members of the Streetbots to listen to our discussions while we demonstrated and explained the use for different parts to them. We partnered up and helped them make their imagination a reality as they designed their robot. After that, we showed them around various online stores and gave them recommendations as to what to buy so they could achieve their goals. We said our goodbyes, and sent them off with many components to get them started.

Build Season Has Begun!

On Saturday night, we kicked off build season with a build season party where we go to know the subject of this years competition, Recycle Rush, and we went over the rules as a team. The next morning, we had our first official build season work day. On this day, we began strategizing and planning out the rest of build season as a team. Moreover, we set up a model game field where we had human players act as robots in order to find out the most efficient ways for our robot to score. Lastly, we began the process of prototyping our robot both Sunday and Monday. We look forward to many more achievements this year and we will keep you updated. Go Milken Knights!!