2016-17 Training Day #1

Today we had our first official training day for subteams! Here is a list of all of the subteams as well as some information on their first meeting.

Operations & Public Relations

Operations and Public Relations is responsible for handling all internal and external team communications, award submissions, team image/branding, and team logistics.

Written by Jared Hasen-Klein
The brand new Operations & Public Relations team is off to a fast start! We have started laying the work for essay writing and setting deadlines in preparation for allocating portions of the essay to students. We have also started working on our strategy for moving forward with our team brand.


All students interested in a leadership role as a subteam leader, project manager, grade representative, or other leadership role are welcome to attend this subteam. Every student who is interested will have an opportunity to participate in a leadership role. We will work on leadership training and guide students towards becoming better leaders.

Written by Marcus Bernstein
The leadership subteam has finalized a meeting date, and we are very excited to see the students that have expressed interest in being leaders within our team step up and contribute as part of this new subteam.

Mechanical and Manufacturing

Students involved in the mechanical sub-team will be trained on the router, mill, laser cutters, and 3D printers and will be taught how to assemble those parts and put them on the robot.

Written by Brandon Friedrich
In order to gain a better understanding of machining, today, we learned the basics of Solidworks, a 3D modeling program. We learned how to make basic shapes such as lines, squares, circles, and triangles. Then we learned how to upload the final model to Cura (a 3D “Slicer”), so we could size it correctly and then 3D print it. On Cura, we made our model the correct size so it wouldn’t take too long to print and then we printed it.


Students will learn and work on using CAD software to design robot mechanisms and make drawings so that the Mechanical and manufacturing subteam can make parts.

Written by Yoel Nozar
Today the design subteam started our first project, which is designing a robot to play the 2013 game: Ultimate Ascent. We worked on a detailed design of our robot in a linear sketch. So far, we have designed the drivetrain and a shooter. Next meeting we will work on an intake and design each part in its own part studio. This is what we have so far. We are proud of the progress we made today. We are still looking for new members, so if you want to contribute to this project or learn the basics of CAD, please contact Marcus and he will be happy to help you.image-4


This subteam will be responsible for learning about the electronic components of the robot and be responsible for wiring the electronics panel. This subteam will also be responsible for sensors and need to work closely with the mechanical and programing subteams.

Written by Gav Yanai
Today I taught the purposes and functions of each electrical component and taught them about power flow across the robot. Also, both new students expressed interest at branching out to more than one subteam, so I look forward to incorporating their knowledge of multiple disciplines within robotics in the future.


Students will learn Java and be responsible for programing the robot and developing autonomous modes.

Written by Alex Swerdlow
Today the quickly growing programming team has started to teach/learn how to control talons and use joystick input. We also learned the different modes and basic structure of Robot Java programming.img_20161110_150107700