About Us

It is our mission to challenge youth to create a lasting effect on their community through service learning, Science, Technology, Relationships, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics. Leading all of us to a brighter future.

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Team 1836: The MilkenKnights was founded in 2005 by a small group of students who were passionate about robotics. We compete at the FIRST Robotics Competition or FRC with team members ages 13-18. FRC is an annual international high school robotics competition. Each year, teams of high school students compete to build robots weighing up to 120 pounds. At the beginning of January, teams are given six weeks to design, construct and program a robot to play in the year’s game. We are proud finalists of the 2014 Israel Regional Competition and champions of the 2013 Los Angeles Region. While the team originally engaged in a fierce debate about what to name the team when it was founded, the students finally settled on Milken Knights, a play on the word for students who attend Milken Community Schools: “Milkenites”. The name stuck, and from then on the Milken Knights galloped into the future with bold red colors and fiery passion. Recently we have decided that as our team matures in age we should mature in image as well. We decided to change our team colors to blue and black as to graduate from brash young squires to seasoned professional knights. We wished to better honor the blue of our school colors from which our name is so lovingly derived. Our team attributes its success to it value of its three core principles: Encouraging Creativity, Giving back to the Community, and Collaboration.
Our team prides itself on its ability to accept students into our program without any prior experience. We have an intensive training program during the robotics preseason during which each of our sub-team’s more experienced “Knights” takes on new “Squire” and teaches them the skills and tools that they learned the year before. This way, both the new and old generations of team members learn together, which ensures that all knowledge is passed down to the newer members of the team. Together the team collaborates on new ideas and is completely student run with the help of our wonderful mentors.

Our choice in team name as well as our choice in team colors demonstrates our commitment to community. The Milken Knights are very grateful to the Milken community for their help in establishing the team and supporting us to get where we are now. To show our appreciation we have made it our mission to give back to those who have so greatly aided our growth. This year we are proud to announce our mentorship of the Wildcats FLL team at Milken Community Schools middle school. FLL stands for FIRST Lego League. Our middle school FLL team includes many kids who are interested in robotics, but are not ready for the high school level, yet. The Milken Knights wish to give back both to the Milken community and to the greater Los Angeles Region. We have presented to other schools and communities about the importance of STEAM programs, and our 2013-2014 captain Nathan Hakkazehdeh gave a TEDx talk about the Art of Engineering. Through fundraisers and joining events such as the AIDS walk, we do the most we can to support those in need around us. We believe that serving the community as a group is what builds a better bond in our team as well as a better world. Just as we support those who join the Robotics team, we support everyone in the community around us as we believe that no one should ever be left behind.

Our encouragement of creativity has allowed us to partner with many organizations to inspire students. We share our Robotics room with Milken’s science research program and many of our students participate in both programs. In addition, we have now adopted FRC team 4964, I.Am.Angel, as our sister team. Our mentors and students are going into their shop and helping them learn important engineering skills. These students are eager to learn and look up to our team. We believe strongly in what wil.i.am is doing in this community and pledge to assist him and his students in anyway possible. With each partnership we help strengthen our community as well as our own team. Through these partnerships our robotics team is able to inspire students to become innovators, and help them build a bridge to the future.