Chezy Champs Update 2016

This post was written by Josh Levine, Juliette Kashani, and Jared Hasen-Klein.

We just finished our first exciting day at Chezy Champs 2016!

Today was undoubtedly eventful. We finished the day in 28th place with 15 Ranking Points (RPs). Our record is 3-6-0 (W-L-T).

Today we started off with many problems with the driver station. This plus problems with the field caused us some problems driving and operating the robot. After several changes we got the robot to start to move. After rerunning through our pit checklist and quite a bit of tape, we feel ready and hopeful for whatever tomorrow brings!

Our last qualification match is tomorrow (Sunday 9/25): match 62 at 9:54 AM. Shortly after, alliance selection and elimination matches will be played. We will keep you up to date on social media as to how that goes.

There were some issues communicating the scores between Chezy Arena – the Field Management System (FMS) and The Blue Alliance which explains why match data was not available live during the day today. However, it has been updated now. As for tomorrow, it is unknown if the issue has been resolved so the best bet is to watch the stream and check in on social media.

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About Author:

Josh Levine is a passionate student dedicated to expanding his knowledge and applying it through various projects he takes on. Some examples are: a water and solar powered car engine, a glove that assists people with Parkinson's, a levitating car, an electromagnetic spacecraft launch system and various other projects. In addition to his love of science, Levine has a passion for the arts and math. He has won national awards on several mathematics competitions, art competitions and writing competitions. Josh also enjoys various athletic activities and has won several awards in his endeavors as an athlete. On the robotics team, one can find Josh running the SR 100 CNC router or the laser cutter. This is Levine’s second year at Milken and his second time participating in a FIRST competition.