FIRST Championship Update

Hello again from St. Louis!

Today was amazing. We played a great game and are currently number one amoung teams who have played the same number of matches as us. Today, members attended many cofnrences ranging from Marketing to Chairman’s to Scouting.

In the evening, we had a special dinner organized by Chabad for us and the Israeli teams for Passover. In the middle of the meal, Dean Kamen stopped by to talk to us about his international initiatives and his new committee chaired by Shimon Peres. After that, we walked outside and saw Chief Technology Officer and Executive Assistant to the President, Megan Smith. We talked to her about our team, she told us about her initiatives, and then we talked about scientists. She told us the story of our division’s namesake, George Washington Carver.

For tommorow, we have five more qualification matches. The schedule is below:

Qual 57 (Red) – 8:14 AM
Qual 66 (Red) – 9:20 AM
Qual 79 (Blue) – 10:54 AM
Qual 90 (Blue) – 2:12 PM
Qual 110 (Red) – 4:38 PM
Qual 116 (Blue) – 5:20 PM

For the last Thank You Thursday, we would like to thank YOU: our fans, sponsors, the school, and parents for your continued support and encouragement. It really takes a village and we couldn’t do it without you.

As a reminder, you can still cheer us on from home! Check out for all the details.

Let’s do this! Go Knights!

About Author:

Jared Hasen-Klein accidentally started in FIRST when he walked in to an FLL meeting in 5th grade. Ever since, he's been hooked on robotics. Jared served as the team captain for FLL 650 for three years, and has served as mentor and volunteer for FLL and FTC. He joined Team 1836 in 9th grade and now specializes in public relations, community outreach, operates the website, and more. In his free time, Jared likes finding new ways to do old things. If you've already tried turning it off and back on again and still have questions, contact Jared.