Knight in Shining Armor

Knight in Shining Armor

The Knight in Shining Armor is a member of the robotics team who goes above and beyond and whose efforts merit additional recognition.

1/27/2017 - Jared Applebaum

This week’s Knight In Shining Armor is Jared Applebaum! Jared has really stepped up this build season, and has shown clear leadership and hard work with all of the projects he has been a part of. Jared has been key to the iteration of almost every mechanism and his commitment this season has been amazing!

1/21/2017 - Jordan Farahnik

For this week, our Knight in Shining Armor is Jordan Farahnik! Jordan has played a key role in our success throughout build season, and his leadership on the drivetrain was vital to our getting a robot that will be driving by the end of the day Sunday. Congrats Jordan!

1/13/2017 - Noah Kugell

This week, our knight in shining armor is Noah Kugell! Noah has been an amazing contributor to our team, and has not missed a single meeting; mandatory, open work session, leadership meeting, or otherwise. He is always on Slack, constantly thinking of new robot ideas, and his work ethic and dedication to the team is incredible. Even in his first year, Noah has demonstrated a clear leadership ability, has been the driving force behind many of our prototype efforts, and has set an example of the work ethic and team-oriented mindset we are all trying to achieve.

12/16/2016 - Jared Hasen-Klein

This week, the Knight in Shining Armor is Jared! Jared has done an amazing job directing the operations side of our team, doing a lot of the behind-the-scenes stuff that makes everything happen. Jared’s involvement in FLL both in Los Angeles and around the US is incredible, and in his third year on the team Jared has become a great leader and a truly integral part of our team.

12/9/2016 - Zeke Levin

Please congratulate Zeke Levin​ as our Knight In Shining Armor! Zeke has been doing a wonderful job helping to lead the mechanical subteam. He has been teaching many students December 9, 2016 how to use the laser cutters and he has been pivotal in setting up the CNC router and the tue jig in Guerin.

12/2/2016 - Josh Levine

Josh has been integral in the progress of our 2017 Chairman’s Essay. This is by far the most progress we have had on our Chairman’s Essay at this point in the season and Josh is the person responsible for overseeing this. Thank you, Josh, for your continued dedication and willingness to take on large projects!

11/18/2016 - Dylan Shooshani

Dylan is new to the team but has already proven dedication and commitment. Dylan has made it has purpose to do training both during and out of meetings and he even attended the first leadership meeting. Keep up the great work as we move into this next year!

11/10/2016 - Greg Danz

This week, the knight in shining armor is Greg Danz! Greg has put in some great work both from home and at meetings into learning CAD, and is already one of our most advanced designers. Greg has expressed interest in involvement with many other subteams as well, and we are very excited to see him continue to learn and contribute in a very big way within our team.

11/4/2016 - Mason Shurman

This week the Knight in Shining Armor is Mason Shurman! He did a really great job on Sunday stepping into a LO (Leadership Opportunity) on the dart actuator project. He also was very helpful with setting up the pit and cleaning out our storage space. Mason has always had a great attitude and is excited to ask questions and learn new things.

10/21/2016 - Zeke Levin, Nathan Kagan, and Elliott Shadgoo

This week, our Knights In Shining Armor are Zeke Levin, Nathan Kagan, and Elliott Shadgoo. These three students have shown incredible efforts in fundraising for AIDS Walk! The dollar amount is not a defining factor: they prove that it doesn’t take much to make a big difference which really embodies values of FIRST.

10/15/2016 - Jake Reiner and Alex Swerdlow

 This week, our Knights are Jake Reiner and Alex Swerdlow! Jake and Alex have done a great job teaching programming to several students and have a great plan in place for the programming team to prepare for build season. Keep up the great initiative!

9/30/2016 - Yoel Nozar

This week, our Knight In Shining Armor is Yoel Nozar! Throughout the offseason, Yoel has done a great job taking on leadership opportunities and teaching new students. Yoel stepped up to a whole new level at Chezy Champs. His leadership while serving on drive team and as a pit manager really impressed everyone throughout the weekend. Teaching everyone the pit checklist, working with new students, and every thing else he has done this offseason has proven that he is becoming a great team leader, and we should all look to him for an example of phenomenal leadership. Thank you, Yoel!

9/23/2016 - Gavriel Yanai

YanaiGavrielThis week, the Knight in Shining Armor goes to our senior and electronics guru, Gav Yanai! Gav his really stepped up to the plate to serve any and all electrical needs of the team, especially as last minute repairs have been greatly needed lately. Thanks for your consistent hard work and leadership Gav!

9/16/2016 - Zeke Levin, Yoel Nozar, Jack Wagner

LevinZekeNozarYoelWagnerJackThis week we would like to award the Knight In Shining armor to three detected veterans. They have all really taken advantage of the Leadership Opportunities in an effort to prepare our robot for Chezy Champs! We appreciate the involvement of so many people but really want to acknowledge this core group which has really shown leadership and done a great job in fixing the issues we have had with the robot. We would not be able to go to Chezy Champs and use the robot without their great work!

9/9/2016 - Hannah Rubin, Elizabeth Foreman, Megan Kohanarieh, and Rachel Berookhim

NoPhotoNoPhotoNoPhotoNoPhotoOnce again, we had a really amazing week and cannot pick just one Knight In Shining Armor! Although these four individuals just very recently joined the team, they have already proven to be engaged so early on in robotics: they have all made a point of asking to drive the FRC robot and have also been doing a great job of conceptualizing their VEX robot. We are thrilled to have these four individuals bring their energy and enthusiasm to our program!

9/2/2016 - Sarah Lande, Talia Gandin, and Stefan Gerber

This week we have three knights in shining armor! These three individuals have proved that age does not define ability. They got a VEX robot driving faster and with less people than the teams of High School students. All of the veteran team members and mentors are seriously blown away! They have set a new bar and if this is the future of the team, we are in great hands. Keep up the great work!

8/25/2016 - Eli Elisha

 ElishaEliWe would like to congratulate Eli Elisha as our first Knight of the week for the year! Eli is a new student who started at the end of last season. He participated in the filming of the Fosters and while on set he jumped right in and networked with other teams. Eli is passionate and he has really impressed everyone with his drive to do more!

2/13/2016 - Justin Bardi

This week’s Knight of the Week is Justin Bardi! He’s done an incredible job submitting the entrepreneurship award, creating our business plan, and managing our budget. His skills are a valuable asset to the team.

2/1/2016 - Yonina Brenner

This week the knight of the week is Yonina Brenner! She has put in some really incredible electronics work. Without her hard work and creativity our robot probably would not be able to package in under the low bar.

9/11/2015 - Zeke Levin

LevinZekeZeke has been amazing at training. This past Thursday, everyone learned how to tap on the lathe thanks to Zeke.

9/4/2015 - Grace Levine

LevineGraceGrace has been working hard on getting training document complete. Her intrinsic motivation has been crucial to her success.

8/28/2015 - Jeremy Goldenstein

GoldensteinJeremyJeremy has been working hard on learning all about the electrical and pneumatic systems on the robot. This allowed him to fix the

3/16/2015 - Jack Wagner

JackWagnerJack stepped up as safety captain this weekend and handled the new responsibilities like a pro. He helped us make some important improvements and was an incredibly hard worker. Jack was almost always in our pits and he impressed everyone on the team.

2/15/2015 - Robyn Rose Valentine

NoPhotoRobyn has been working very hard this year transforming our PR team and her work has not gone unnoticed. She has worked on several large projects and has really taken this subteam in a direction that it has never gone before. A misunderstanding left us in a bit of a bad spot this week when we found out that we had to submit the business plan on Thursday morning. Robyn stepped in and put in several hours quality work to make sure that the team had what it needed for the award submission. She also pioneered the effort to put together our teams first Chairman’s Award video.

12/15/2014 - Jordan Farahnik

FarahnikJordanThough he’s a late addition to the team, he has made an effort to come to meetings and shows huge promise on the mechanical team. Jordan is also a member of the safe cracking team. Keep it up!

11/17/2014 - Austin Shalit, Miranda Milner, and Alex Marley

MarleyAlexLast Sunday these team members worked until 6pm cleaning up our storage shed. Old junk and unneeded materials have been piling up in the shed for years, creating an unwieldy and unmanageable storage area. Now, it is cleaned up, organized, and ready to be used efficiently. A HUGE thanks to these team members for tackling this!

12/9/2014 - Daniel Spar

SparDanielDaniel is relatively new to the team as he also plays Football and Baseball, but he comes whenever he can. Last Sunday he came in and was a tremendous help in getting our router ready for build season. His maturity and willingness to do whatever is necessary makes him a great role model for others to emulate. Keep it up!

11/11/2014 - Zev Melmed

MelmedZevZev has been the lead programmer and operator for our middle school’s FLL team. He was instrumental in the team’s presentations, which included: a project on human rights violations, a technical presentation, and the completion of a “core values” activity that tested team communication. At the FLL event that we hosted, Zev was incredibly helpful and was a great referee. Keep it up!

11/3/2014 - Aidan Shev

Aidan was incredibly helpful as photographer/co-DJ during last week’s FLL event. He came ready to help and was continuously asked for opportunities to help. He stayed behind to help clean up and has shown his commitment and desire time after time. Aidan has also recently taken on the additional responsibility of our Woodie Flowers award submission. Great job Aidan!

10/20/2014 - Jared Hasen-Klein

Hasen-KleinJaredIn the past week, two different people outside of the robotics team personally wrote Mark emails about Jared. One was about his work with organizing the AIDS Walk and the other was for an FLL workshop he ran for 6 hours at Heschel. FIRST is not about just building robots and Jared is demonstrating this in multiple ways. Keep up the good work.