Introducing STREAM

To further our mission, we have taken the concept of STEAM to the next level and have coined the word “STREAM,” adding a new and vital component of the educational process: relationships. The “r” in STREAM could be “robot.” But there is so much more: we love the relationships that come out of being part of our team, part of a school, part of a community, and part of the world. (Excerpt from our 2016 Chairman’s Essay)

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Stronghold Kickoff!

On the evening of January 9th, the entire team joined together to have a meal while watching and going over the rules for this year’s game. Both parents and students were able to better understand their role for the season and get excited for FIRST Stronghold. Lastly, we work on preliminary conceptual ideas to prototype the next day.

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2015 Recap!

It is our mission to challenge youth to create a lasting effect on their community through service learning, Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics. Leading all of us to a brighter future. We do not just build robots, we build people.

In 2015… we:

Thank you to our team leadership, members, mentors, sponsors, and parents for helping us make this year so successful!

We will be taking time off until build season. Build season for FIRST Stronghold begins on January 9th, 2016. Countdown with us on the home page.

As the season begins, keep up to date with us here (, Facebook and on Twitter @milkenknights.


LA Gadget Expo 2015!

On the weekend of December 5th-6th, our team both attended and exhibited at the Los Angeles Gadget Expo! The LA Gadget Expo is a chance for business and organizations to present their innovations in the areas of fitness, mobile, family, transportation, wearable, health, design, outdoors, home, multi-tool, and everyday carry. We demonstrated our 2013 robot. It was a great opportunity for our team to network and explore with local and national inventors and entrepreneurs!

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A reporter who works for Snapchat snapped us demoing for the LA Story

Our mentor Mark trying out an electric scooter courtesy of the

Our mentor Mark trying out an electric scooter courtesy of the “My Open Road” app

AIO Robotics 3D printed our logo for us in two colors on their Zeus Printer

AIO Robotics 3D printed our logo for us in two colors with their Zeus Printer




Team captain Miranda trying out an Evolve Electric Skateboard

Team captain Miranda trying out an Evolve Electric Skateboard

Team member Zeke explaining our robot to a fellow exhibitor

Team member Zeke explaining our robot to a fellow exhibitor





















FLL Tournament 2015!

On November 1st, local FIRST Lego League teams came to Milken to participate in a qualifier competition. Teams engaged in a competition called Trash Trek, where their robot attempts to compete in trash-themed challenges. In addition, the teams also present a project they design to solve a trash-related problem. Despite fierce competition and great competitors, Team 163, Second Life, ultimately took home the gold! Among the solutions to problems within the teams were a safe solution for recycling batteries, raising awareness about composting, a solar-powered plastic pollution collection boat, and many other great solutions to trash-related problems. All of the competitors blew the judges away and they’re sure to do amazing again.


There are more qualifying tournaments every weekend through November. To see the schedule, click here. You can view results from the tournament here.


FIRST LEGO League is a jointly held trademark and a partnership between FIRST ( and The LEGO Company (

Pre-season Prototyping!


Elevator Prototype


Johnny Z (’13), Alex M (’18), Aidan S (’18), and Marcus B (’18) with Arm Prototype

On Sunday, October 25, Adam Heard from team 973 The Greybots came and worked with us to prototype mechanisms for the 2007 FRC competition. Throughout the day, we designed and built  mechanisms out of wood that serve to drive around and pick up inflatable tubes. Last year, we decided on set mechanisms to build and stuck with it the entire season regardless of any changes in strategy. This coming year, the team plans to take a more aggressive approach; building every possible mechanisms we can use in the competition to see which ones works the best.


Sam R (’19) and Sophia M (’19) assembling the carriage for the elevator

Tony Blair Visit

Tony Blair, the Former Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, came to our shop and met with students on our team. He asked the students several thought provoking questions about cyber security and how technology will impact the global workforce.


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