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CAD Library

MKCad is an FRC COTS parts library native to Onshape! No longer will teams that use Onshape for FRC have to download parts, deal with wonky imports, set their own colors and materials, and go through a lot of hoops just to put a few COTS parts into their assemblies.


Frequently asked questions

How do I use MKCad?

In any Onshape assembly, hit Insert (like you would for any other part) then go to Other Documents and Public. In the search bar, type in “MKCad – ” and then the thing you want to import. Alternatively, scroll to the type of part you want.

What is included?

MKCad is divided up into different documents for ease of import. Across all documents, MKCad includes bearings, simplified and full electronics components, fasteners, COTS gearboxes, gears, hubs, motors, pulleys, sensors, snap rings, shaft collars, standard Vex spacers, sprockets, Versa products, and wheels. MKCad includes every Vexpro, WCP, AndyMark, and McMaster part our team would ever use on a competing robot.

Why should I use MKCad

Why should I use MKCad over other options? MKCad is native to Onshape, meaning that part weights, names, colors, and everything else is conveniently set up for use in Onshape assemblies. Motors, electronics, and other critical/heavy parts have weights set from the supplier. Almost every part in MKCad also includes the part number for easy ordering if you use OpenBom or have very patient mentors. Our team has been working hard to make this parts library as convenient as possible, and we hope you find it as quick and easy as we do!

Is Marcus Bernstein really not creating a new FeatureScript to release?!

Nope! MKCad also includes FeatureScripts! We have Chain Path Generator, Shaft Generator, Hole Patterned Tube Generator, and Versaplanetary Generator.

There is a COTS part I want MKCad to add, what should I do?

Marcus Bernstein, the driving force behind MKCad, has too much time on his hands. Feel free to reach out, reply to this thread, or DM marcusbrenstein on Chief. Our CAD team will do everything we can to get it in.

If you find any bugs, have parts you want us to add, plan on using MKCad on your team, or anything else, don’t hesitate to post on this thread. As always, your questions and feedback are appreciated! The MilkenKnights hope you like MKCad!