Team 1836: The MilkenKnights - 2018 Robot

Check out details for our 2018 robot below. We are competing at Arizona North Regional and Orange County Regional. You may contact us through the buttons in the menu or stop by our pit if you have any questions.

Click here for CAD. | Click here for robot pictures.


Veto is optimized for the Switch and Exchange. 70 lbs. + battery and bumpers.

  • Drivetrain: 32" × 27" Kitbot Chassis
  • Arm: 270° motion / 2 775 Pros / 534.55:1
  • Intake: Spring loaded / Gas shocks / 8 4" Green AM compression wheels
  • Java / Closed loop path following / PID setpoints
  • Talon SRX


Kitbot Chassis

Cut down to 32" × 27"

4 CIM Toughbox Mini Drive Gearbox

13 ft/sec Free Speed, 12.5 ft/sec Adjusted Speed

6 belt driven 6” wheels

2” of ground clearance spaced to climb platform, traverse electrical ramp, and get on high-angle ramps


2 775pros

geared at 534.55:1 across VP, Gears, and Chain (330 deg/sec, Geared to run well in case of motor failure)

Light and short for quick cube manipulation

270 degrees of motion

to place in switch or exchange on either side of robot


2 775pros

chained to 8 4” Green AM Compression wheels

Spring Loaded with Gas Shocks

to intake and compress cubes in any orientation


Coded in Java

All critical tasks running at 200hz

Closed-loop path following

following using Talon Velocity Controllers and a gyro

Arm setpoints

controlled with PID on Talon SRX

Motor and sensor failures handled

through current controls and manual modes

General Information

70 pounds

Plus bumpers and battery

Optimized for Switch/Exchange

Redundancies implemented

for mechanical, electrical, and code failure


Start in center. Three cubes in either side of switch.