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      Chezy Champs!

        Team 1836 is at Chezy Champs this weekend (9/18-9/20)! Chezy Champs is an offseason tournament hosted by team 254.

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      Tony Blair Visit

      Tony Blair, the Former Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, came to our shop and met with students on our

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      Utah update!

      We have our schedule for the Utah Regional! Watch our matches live at! See live data at! Thursday

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      2015 Robot Teaser!

      We currently have a drive train built and have been testing it out; moving totes onto the scoring platform! Check

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    • 20150111_120254 Comes to Visit!

      We invitied the LA Streetbots to our workshop so we could partner with them and assist them with their drive

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      Build Season Has Begun!

      On Saturday night, we kicked off build season with a build season party where we go to know the subject

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      Get Ready for RECYCLE RUSH!!!

    • Miss American Comes to Visit

      This past week the Milken Knights brought Miss America 2015 Kira Kazantsev and Nancy Conrad to speak to our school’s

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