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    Utah update!

    We have our schedule for the Utah Regional! Watch our matches live at! See live data at! Thursday

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    2015 Robot Teaser!

    We currently have a drive train built and have been testing it out; moving totes onto the scoring platform! Check

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  • 20150111_120254 Comes to Visit!

    We invitied the LA Streetbots to our workshop so we could partner with them and assist them with their drive

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    Build Season Has Begun!

    On Saturday night, we kicked off build season with a build season party where we go to know the subject

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Who We Are

About The Team

The 1836 Milken Knights are a robotics team that focus not only on building robots, but building better people. It is our goal to challenge youth to create a lasting effect on their community through service learning, Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics.

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FIRST is an international organization which uses competitive robotics as a vehicle for promoting science & technology. FIRST allows high school students to work side by side with professional mentors to learn skills ranging from engineering to marketing, animation and business.



About Our School

As a grade 7 - 12 independent college-preparatory institution, Milken Community Schools is a place of rigorous academic preparation and intellectual inquiry: a place of profound and transformative experiences, with learning, spiritual practice, and ethical practice at the foundation of those experiences.



The Milken Knights are proud to partner with several different organizations to help spread STEM education. Each of these partners has helped our community grow, and given our students the opportunity to help others find their passions.

This year, our robotics team has brought in many new mentors. We are excited to have them work with the team and help us gain new knowledge. Most of our mentors specialize in certain categories of STEM. For example, there are mentors for machining and drive that work closely with students on that subject. If you would like to be a mentor please contact us at, We are happy to receive any help from all fields including those to do with business and public relations. Help us build better people.
The 1836 Milken Knights robotics team are looking for sponsors and mentors to help launch our team forward on the path to success. If you are an engineer, graphic designer, public speaker, mechanic, writer, or have a job in a STEAM industry then we would love to learn from your skills and knowledge. If you have a business and would like to share your business skills, then the Milken Knights are the perfect subjects.
This year, our team is turning. As a team we reached a consensus that we must bring change to the way our team works and the direction we are heading in. We are mentoring more students this year and inspiring many others to take an interest in STEM. Moreover, we have changed our team colors to signify our move towards the future. Lastly, we have recruited many new mentors to help hone the skills of our students. Our goal is to achieve great success as a team, but also to help create better people and build stronger ties with our teammates.

Computer Aided Design

Computer Aided Design or CAD is the use of computer software to create 3D models of physical objects. This is an extremely versatile tool that allows the robotics team to have a complete visual models and diagrams, with details and issues already addressed, before any manufacturing is done.


Electronics/Pneumatics is responsible for everything involving the electrical and pneumatic systems on the robot. This includes design and implementation of said systems. These two teams were merged because they share similar responsibilities.


The programming sub-team is responsible for writing code for the robot. When the robot is turned on, it runs code, which controls the motors, solenoids, and any other components. Robot code reacts to joystick inputs or can act based on pre-programmed instructions. Programmers are all able to think critically and solve problems through logic and reasoning.


The mechanical sub-team deals with physically putting parts together (or taking them apart). They are responsible for implementing the design given to them by CAD. Mechanical sub-team members will be taught how to use and be comfortable with our available machines (mill, lathe, and router) as well as a wide scope of other tasks.

Public Relations

Public Relations or PR is responsible for community outreach, communication with sponsors, organizing community service events, team spirit, and the team’s Chairman’s Award submission. PR deals with everything that involves communication outside the team as well as team image.

Drive Team

The Strategy and Drive sub team is the group of students responsible for representing our team on the field and behind the scenes at competition. The Drive team drives the robot on the field during tournaments and prepares the teams strategy for scoring points.


Electronics & Pneumatics
Amount of people on each sub team

Our Robots

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